PANTS: Across the Nanoverse I

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  • Meeting Pants: Nanoverse & PxN’s COO
  • From New Zealand, to the Metaverse
  • Building through the Angry Bear
  • AI in Future Lifestyles: The Agent Infiltration Begins
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Meeting Pants: Nanoverse and PxN's COO

There is a place in between dimensions; somewhere that exists between our physical and incorporeal worlds. A space whose fabric is composed of ones and zeroes; where its denizens strive to carve a better tomorrow - it’s a mission, it’s a revolution.
Nanoverse HQ and the Phantom Network (abbreviated into PxN) are sibling projects that had earned household status as top market performers during early to mid 2022, with the Nanopass and PxN collections minting during Dec 2021 and May 2022 respectively. Both collections cumulatively raked over 60 ‘000Ξ in traded volume across both projects.
For the past year, the duo projects have experienced tremendous peaks and valleys on a large scale within the NFT markets: reaching all time highs of up to approximately 5Ξ and also falling to sub 1Ξ lows.
This would not deter the team as they march on: building both projects’ ecosystems block by block regardless of the price action. Just recently, PxN launched the web domain for their business-to-consumer, peer-to-peer crypto marketplace: the Grey Market.
Even larger, the Nanoverse Agents will be released as an exclusive claimable for Nanopass holders (Nanoverse’s early access tokens) on the 18th December 2022, marking the first step in the widely anticipated Phase II of Nano’s project’s roadmap.
With so much to do and so little time, it was no surprise to myself that it would take several reschedules and a little elbow grease to get a first contact with Pants - Nanoverse & PxNs own Chief Operations Officer.
Upon our first call: the self proclaimed ‘professional Discord shit-talker’ was doing anything but - for as soon as the warm introductions and delay apologies were out of the way, it was right into business:
“Launching a product is, you know, in every way just as involved as launching an entire NFT project.” She says, in reference to the launch of PxNs’ Grey Market, “You have the same moving parts: you have the legals, you have the financials, you have the partnerships, business development, the marketing runway, new art material that needs to be made for new promotional material…“
If I held her to her Twitter resume, I’d want my non-existent money back.